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Facts about male orgasms that you should probably know

1. Regular ejaculation lowers risks of cancer Just in case you thought climaxing couldn’t get much better, research presented at the American Urological Association suggests that males who have a higher frequency of orgasms...

Bottled water: the biggest scam in human history

Consumers of Perrier, a very expensive water, are sure that they belong to the elite and consume the best. In fact, they have been shamelessly deceived for over a century.  Perrier supplied his product...

Fun Animal Mating Facts for Y’all

1. Female Kangaroos have 3 vaginas. (this reminds me of how the octopus has three hearts) 2. Nearly all bonobos are bisexual and 75% of the sex bonobos do is not for reproduction. 3....

Amazing Facts about India

1. The name ‘India’ is derived from the river Indus. It is a valley around which people settled in earlier times. 2. India is the world’s oldest, largest and continuous civilization – the Indus...

100% true, 100% useless FACTS

100% true, 100% useless FACTS

There are more airplanes in the ocean than there are in outer space. In 1994, the US Air Force conducted a study on how to make a “gay bomb,” which would be a non-lethal...

Carrots are good for your eyesight

This is actually British military propaganda from WWII. Carrots are indeed rich in vitamin A, any deficiency of which can cause blindness, but that does not make the vegetables especially good for the peepers....

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